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warren faidley       "The difference between survival and disaster is often balanced on a razor's edge. Sometimes its calculated luck while other times experience has saved me. There is always an
      internal struggle between self-preservation and a burning obsession to witness even more."
   (Near Miami, Texas - May 1994). Storm Chaser - Warren Faidley, storm chasers homepage, tornado chasers. Storm chasers are chasing storms and tornadoes while visiting Tornado Alley to see tornado chasing.

storm chaser warren faidley

      "My first storm chasing adventure at age 12 nearly took my life after a flash flood carried me away. Now days (as seen above during Hurricane Irma), I'm still battling the
      elements as a storm chaser, but I'm much better prepared!"  
(Miami, Florida - September 2017).

storm chaser warren faidley

      "The driving force of my pursuit is simple -- it's a treasure hunt. I never know on any given day what I will encounter. The 'unknown' elements and curiosity
      is too hard to resist."  
(East of Amarillo, Texas - June 2008).

disaster survival expert warren faidley

      "I started my career as a newspaper photojournalist in Tucson, AZ. I specialized in spot news, such as fires, disasters, riots or anything with front page potential.
      But newspaper work was not always exciting. Lightning photography offered new adventures and occasionally fantastic images."  
(Tucson, Arizona - July 1989)

tornado chaser warren faidley

    "Had this been any other afternoon, the royal blue sky would have only been a graceful transition between day and night. But tonight, the entire horizon was transformed
    into a beautiful and majestic scene. The sky darkened, and the clouds became translucent from constant internal lightning flashes. Some lightning bolts leaped from the
    top of the storms, reaching toward the heavens. The top of the western-most storm was bathed in a wondrous golden glow from some distant sunset, while overhead, a
    few bright stars shone like diamonds set on the storm's amber crown. We sat quietly and simply absorbed the show as it unfolded over the endless emerald fields which
    flowed to-and-fro from the breeze. Then it dawned on me; this was the essence of chasing. I had begun to fall in love with the Plains.
    (From my book Storm Chaser. Eastern, Colorado - May 2013).

weather channel van hit by tornado

      "The first storm chasers were a handful of weather enthusiasts and university researchers in the 1950's into the 1980's who chased for the pure love of science, photography and adventure.
      The explorations were carried out over lonely highways were you were lucky to see another chaser on any given spring day. Unfortunately, this would all change as the once hidden concept
      of storm chasing was exposed to millions via motion pictures, cable television shows and social media. Suddenly, the abandoned highways were filled with hundres of vehicles -- often
      clogging roads and pursuing storms with dangerous, agressive behavior. In order to legitimize their antics, some chasers went as far as faking their genuine purposes for chasing, like
      claiming to be 'researchers' conducting 'life-saving' missions. In May of 2013, the sensation with "extreme" chasing faced reality for a brief moment after a crew from The Weather Channel
      was struck by a tornado near El Reno, Oklahoma. Despite the sharp rise in chase-related deaths and injuries often caused by agressive chasing behavior, the majority of modern day chasers
      conduct their adventures in a responsible manner."

storm chaser lecture       "Chasing tornadoes is often like a giant game of 3D chess played out over thousands of square miles. Being in the right place at the right time is a symphony of forecasting
      and navigation while dodging everything from softball-sized hailstones to dust storms and slow moving farm equipment.
"   (Near Attica, Kansas - May 29, 2004)

warren faidley storm chaser

"By the time I was age 12, I had lived in Tornado Alley (Topeka, Kansas), Hurricane
Alley (Mobile, Alabama) and finally Lightning Alley (Tucson, Arizona). The exposure
to so many weather extremes peaked my interest in severe weather at a very
young age.
"   (Tucson, Arizona - 2003)

storm chaser lecture

      "The harsh reality of chasing cannot be ignored at times. During my career I have walked though countless disaster scenes. The smell of fractured pine wood,tilled earth, damp fabric and
      diesel oil fills the air. When the rescuers depart, people turn to searching the piles of debris, seeking even the smallest token that might connect them to the past. It's often important that
      the storm does take everything.
"   (Joplin, Missouri - EF5 tornado - May 2011)

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Storm Chaser - Warren Faidley, storm chasers homepage, while chasing tornadoes storm chaser Warren Faidley says the pursuit of storms can be dangerous. Some storm chasers have been killed so chasing tornados is hazardous.