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Let us custom design a corporate program using our professional storm chasing experience and the world's largest collection of weather and storm images and footage!

 Severe Weather Hazards, Safety, Risk Management and Natural Disaster Specialists
 Product promotions and sponsorships
 Safety seminars, corporate training and speaking engagements
 Custom photo exhibitions for new product releases, museums, corporate promotions, etc.
 Sports and special event consulting
 Automotive and product testing and evaluations
 Weather images, film footage and HD digital video
 Extensive public relations, film/TV production and media experience
 Worldwide coverage

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We have over 18 years, hands-on experience with severe weather, and natural disasters including extensive field operations, consulting, corporate and media productions, product promotions, sponsorships, and appearances in the United States and Europe. Our consulting services feature Mr. Warren Faidley, the world's first full-time, professional storm chaser.TM Mr. Faidley was a technical consultant for the motion picture Twister and has appeared as a severe weather expert and consultant for major news outlets including CNN, MSNBC and Fox News. His stunning images, best selling anecdotes, safety publications, web pages and lectures reach millions worldwide. Mr. Faidley's experience and reputation as a premier "hands-on" severe weather and disaster expert are frequently used by clients and sponsors.

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Storm Chaser® Consulting Services

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