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Warren Faidley is an American adventurer, photojournalist, storm chaser and disaster survival expert. He is officially credited as the first, professional storm chasing photojournalist.

Warren and his images have appeared worldwide in National Geographic, The Weather Channel, the BBC, Discovery Channel, CNN, Fox News and many more. His photography has also been used for advertising and promotional work for Paul McCartney, Universal Pictures, Sheryl Crow, MTV, The NFL, NASCAR, Warner Bros., and thousands of books, editorial publications, television and social media outlets. A Google search under his unique name shows an average of over 100,000 references.

Pursuing thousands of individual thunderstorms, tropical cyclones and assorted natural disasters, Warren has survived a mind-numbing number of extreme and deadly situations, including hurricane winds of over 165 mph, tornadoes, lightning bolts, rattle snakes, gunfire, swarming spiders and even angry farmers with rusty pitch forks.

Warren began his pursuits at age 12 when he was carried away and nearly killed by a flash flood. A few weeks later he was riding his bike in to the core of violent dust devils.

In 1997 he captured the first tornado ever shot on motion picture film. He was a consultant for the motion picture Twister and serves as a disaster survival expert for corporate and media interests. He often provides live reports for news media and public safety outlets during extreme storm events. The media often refers to Warren as "America's Top Storm Chaser."

Warren is a graduate of the University of Arizona, a Certified Tactical Combat Medic (EMT), Registered Gemologist, Wildland Firefighter (past) and Pilot.

Warren's private activities include road bike riding (he is a former 25-mile Tour De Tucson and Tour De Phoenix champion), Historical Fencing (He is an instructor and Master of Defense in the SCA (Society of Creative Anachronism) and mineral collecting - with one of the most extensive collections of Bisbee, Arizona minerals in the world.

He resides in Tucson, Arizona.

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Note: Images for media, editorial or private use only with written permission from Mr. Faidley or his office. All images © Warren Faidley or noted source. Click on images for larger digital files if available.
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Storm Chaser - In Pursuit of Untamed Skies - Best-selling Science and Nature Book (Amazon). "A quick but lingering read," The New York Times Review.*

Wicked Weather: A Visual Essay of Extreme Storms - Warren's latest book, loaded with over 150 stunning weather images.*

The Ultimate Storm Survival Handbook - "Survival tips from the man who has survived it all." *

Eye of the Storm: Chasing Storms with Warren Faidley - Children's publication follows Warren's storm chasing adventures. Text by Stephen Kramer.

Wild Weather - "Storm photographer Warren Faidley takes the reader on a voyage to find extreme weather."

Lightning! - Children's publication follows Warren's storm chasing adventures as a lightning photographer. Text by Stephen Kramer.

* Also available as a Kindle edition.

Media Credits List

ABC News
American Photographer
Arizona Highways Magazine
The Arizona Daily Star
The Arizona Republic
Art Bell Radio Show
Associated Press
Bill O'Reilly
Car and Driver
CBS News
Der Spiegel - Germany
Discovery Channel
Eye to Eye w/Connie Chung
Fox News
The History Channel
The LA Times
Maury Povich Show
NBC News
The National Enquirer
National Geographic
The New York Times
The Kansas City Star
The Late, Late Show w/Craig Ferguson
The Learning Channel
Life Magazine
The London Times
Men's Journal
Panorama - Germany
Photo District News
Popular Photography
Popular Science
Rivaldo Rivera Live
Scientific American
South Dakota Public Radio
US News & World Report
Voice of America Television
Real TV
Time Magazine
Tom Snyder
To Tell The Truth
The Tucson Citizen
The Tucson Weekly
Terre Sauvage - France
The Wall Street Journal
The Washington Post
The Weather Channel
USA Today
United Press International
Weatherwise Magazine
Weekly Reader

Clients and Sponsors List (Partial)

Canada Goose
Paul McCartney
Wells Fargo
Johnson & Johnson
Warner Bros.
Universal Studios
Miller Brewing Company
Johnny Walker

Documents Certificates and Records

First tornado captured on 35mm motion picture film. Energy Productions. July 14, 2007.

Confirmation of Motion Picture Consultant for Twister. Warner Bros. January 3, 1996.

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