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phoenix dust storm

      "I've equated tornado chasing to big game hunting -- with cameras instead of guns. Sometimes you have to overcome the urge to flee an instinctive danger in favor of using
      your creative psyche to compose a good shot. It can be a challenge -- especially when deciding to capture a great image or escape."
   (Near Simla, Colorado - June 2015).

phoenix dust storm picture

      "As a storm chasing photographer, I often have to place myself in positions where I know I'm going to take a hit. Sometimes its large hailstones or airborne debris.
      This time is was a towering wall of choking dust from a "haboob" (dust storm) on Interstate 8, east of Gila Bend, Arizona in July of 2018."

storm chaser warren faidley

      "My storm chasing team built the first fortified intercept vehicles in the mid-to-late 1990's. Fitted with roll cages, armored door panels and bomb-proof glass, they
      offered some protection from accidents and debris. I donned the western hat after a Japanese film crew dubbed me the "Cyclone Cowboy."
   (West Texas - 2004).

hurricane andrew picture

      "There are very few images of Hurricane Andrew as it slammed into the Coral Gables, FL in August of 1992. Andrew struck with Category 5 winds of 150 mph and gusts of
      164 mph. I was one of the few photojournalists who remained along the coast when the storm hit. I paid the price by nearly breaking my arm when hit by a severe gust
      of wind. I also bear small scars on the back of my hands as I held my camera against the high winds and flying glass."

storm clouds picture

      "The headlights of a lone vehicle dares to drive under a towering mass of cumulonimbus clouds on a deserted highway in western
      Oklahoma. These clouds eventually produced a strong tornado, (inset) narrowly missing Laverne, Oklahoma in May of 1991.""

lighting picture

      "In my business, one rule is very important - expect the unexpected! This powerful lightning bolt struck about a quarter mile from my location."
      (Tucson, Arizona - On the University of Arizona Campus - August 2008.).

joplin EF5 tornado

      "This image provides a haunting illustration of what an EF5 tornado with winds exceeding 200 miles per hour can do. In May of 2011 a violent tornado leveled portions of
       Joplin, Missouri, killing 158 people. The tornado was so strong it structurally compromised the foundation of a nine-story hospital, eventually requiring demolition."

stock lightning picture

      "I often envision images that I would like to accomplish someday. But unlike other art forms where such visions can be transfered to canvas or stone, weather photography rarely
      offers up the raw materials. I had seen only a few thunderheads explode like this, but I was always in the wrong place. This time I was lucky!"
   (Tucson, Arizona - August 1996).

Mammatus clouds stock picture

      "This photograph is a great example of how the atmospheric canvas can reward a photographer with little or no warning. I was on my way to meet some fellow storm chasers for
      dinner when boring gray "mammatus" clouds were suddenly illuminated by a golden Texas sunset. The entire scene only lasted a few minutes."
   (Amarillo, Texas - June 2009).

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